Borobudur (Sunrise) to Prambanan Temple Tour

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Embark on a mesmerizing adventure with our Borobudur sunrise tour, where you’ll be captivated by the mystical allure of Central Java at dawn. Join us for an unforgettable experience that will leave you in awe of the region’s timeless beauty.

From the panoramic vistas of mist-covered valleys to the serene ambiance of the temple grounds, every moment of your Borobudur sunrise tour promises to be unforgettable. So, seize the opportunity to embark on this captivating adventure and create memories that will last a lifetime. Book your tour now and embark on an enchanting journey through the mystical beauty of Central Java.

As you venture forth on this odyssey, prepare to delve into the depths of time and unravel the intricate tapestry of Borobudur’s past. Behold its majestic spires soaring towards the heavens, each intricately adorned with ancient carvings that whisper tales of bygone eras. With every step, you’ll traverse through the annals of history, guided by expert narrators who breathe life into the storied stones of this architectural marvel.

Tour Highlights:


1 Day tour Approx. 12-hours

  • 03:30 AM – We will begin our day with a gentle wake-up call as we arrange for your hotel pick-up in the Yogyakarta area.
  • 04:45 AM – As the dawn approaches, prepare to be spellbound by the breathtaking sunrise casting its golden hues over the silhouette of Borobudur Temple.
  • 07:00 AM – Our journey continues as we embark on an immersive exploration of Borobudur Temple. Accompanied by a knowledgeable local guide, you will ascend to the temple’s uppermost levels,
  • 09:00 AM – With hearts full of wonder, we bid farewell to Borobudur and set forth on a scenic drive to Prambanan Temple, another jewel in Yogyakarta’s crown.
  • 10:30 AM – At Prambanan, immerse yourself in the mystical allure of these ancient Hindu temples. Let the whispers of history guide you through a journey of discovery, as you uncover the secrets and legends woven into the fabric of this sacred site.
  • 12:30 PM – As our exploration draws to a close, we offer a comfortable return transfer to your hotel or any drop off point.
  • *Time slots are flexible and can be adjusted according to your reservation preferences for visits to Borobudur and Prambanan temples.

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